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from Choice Pension Investments will now contact you to confirm your details and help you with any questions you may have. He will introduce you to an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) who will provide a no obligation, whole of market pension review and make recommendations specific to your needs and circumstances.

These pension reviews are carried out by specially qualified pension advisers who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They will obtain all of the available information about your existing pension arrangements, including details of the charges and investment performance. This information along with any special scheme benefits, rules and conditions will be compared to what is currently available within today’s independent pension market place. Your review and recommendation report, which will be posted to you, will take into account your existing pension scheme/s information and your personal views, concerns, attitudes and aspirations.

If the recommendations are to stay with your existing scheme and or make certain changes to what you already have then you will be told how and why. If the recommendations are to move your scheme you will be told why and where the adviser believes you should move it to. This advice will include not only why a particular provider has been selected but also what specific funds you should invest in to match your own attitude to risk. Only investments which are approved by the FCA will be recommended. If you have several schemes each one will be reviewed separately and any recommendations will cover each individual policy.

We are aware that other service providers may promise an immediate online pension comparison. However, in reality, each individual’s circumstances are significantly different and there is no “one solution fits all”. This is especially true in the case of final salary schemes where your wage and length of company service determine your retirement income. In order to be accurate any form of projection also needs to take account your own personal retirement objectives and investment choices.

Once you have received your Independent, No Obligation Pension Review and Recommendation report the IFA will telephone you to ensure you fully understand it and are aware of what the likely implications are of following or not following the recommendations.

You are under NO OBLIGATION to follow the advice or recommendations.

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